This July, InterQoS will relaunch its alliancesolutions.biz website with a new look and more information. This launch will be followed by its first-ever launch of a website for InterQoS Inline, Inc. at interqosonline.com. This is in line with the company’s information campaign, a move initiated by Michelle Hendrickson, the Alliance division’s new General Manager.

According to Hendrickson, “InterQoS has been around for more than two decades. It is well-known and respected among industry players and insiders and it’s about time the rest of the world knew about its role as a crucial force in digital communications and data technology.”

Hendrickson is a breath of fresh air for the company. She joins the engineers and tech gurus bringing her expertise in conglomerate operations and trade partner presentation. Hendrickson says, “The structural reorganization that placed me in this position is only the beginning for a refocused InterQoS. This will be a busy year!”apple watchкомпрессор электрический цена