October 2004: New Hosting Partners for InterQoS

InterQoS forges an alliance once again, this time with the industry leaders in technology research and systems protection. This month, InterQoSO signs up Ingenious Systems Research, LLC and their MailVICE spam protection service as a new hosting client.

The company will house and manage all of Ingenious Systems’ data and networking facilities including the highly secretive Forensic Sender Test data hub. This move is seen to improve the services, reliability and security of both companies.

According to Steve Jackson, who has ties to both companies, “InterQoS is an excellent data and communications service company. Now that ISR has outgrown its start-up facilities, we have no doubts that bringing ISR’s systems under InterQoS’s management will ultimately benefit ISR’s clientele.”александр лобановскийкупить пиджак на мальчика 12 лет