September 2006: Moran Trucking Joins InterQoS

Moran Trucking Management Serivces, LLC, becomes the newest addition to InterQoSOnline’s roster of prestigious clients with the hosting and management of its trucking management software and EDI/SQL translation software.

Moran is a developer of transportation logistic software for trucking operators of all sizes and classifications. This partnership makes their software available to smaller to medium scale carriers and even independent operators. While in the past this kind of technology was unavailable to those who didn’t have enough resources, these smaller companies can now improve their service and better their efficiency.

Leased rights to the hosted software have invoked a market-wide change in the way these companies are available to customers. The software gives shippers the competitive advantage of using smaller carriers. Likewise, smaller carriers can increase their revenue stream through doing business with bigger and more established shippers.церковь возрождениесолнечные батареи для освещения улиц