May 2007: InterQoS now has Sungard Availability

Another landmark development in 2007 is InterQoS’s new collocation agreement with Sungard Availability for tenancy in their Alpharetta, Georgia, facility. This new node on InterQoS’s global network adds to the extensive features already available to InterQoS customers.

SunGard Availability is a Pennsylvania-based company, which provides disaster recovery and managed services products. Because of its prestige and high reliability, it now counts more than 25,000 customers. With Sungard Availability, clients now have access to additional applications that can help them simplify day-to-day functions.

According to Steven Jackson of InterQoS, “We want to continuously improve the services we offer our clients. Technology advances every second and we always strive to be on top of things. This is the only way to lead the pack and move ahead of our competitors. Our clients deserve nothing less.”пол паркетдом баня проект