December 2007: InterQoS Takes to the Cloud

InterQoS takes a step further today with the ground-breaking launch of its cloud services platform for application hosting. Cloud computing is the new terminology of efficiency and power with the utilization of advanced digital networks and hardware brokering software to bring entire networks of servers together to work as one. Most importantly, this means web applications are served to clients faster and more reliably.

By far, 2007 for InterQoS has been about technology and service delivery upgrades. It speaks well of the company’s goals for the future. As Steve Jackson puts it, “Business, so far, has been good; and we are pouring our success right back into development. We know what our clients demand and as they grow in number, we continue to make it a point to improve on the systems and services that attracted them in the first place. I think a lot of technology companies go stale by too much profit-taking and not enough foresight. But we tend to think more about cost benefit as a 20 year formula here. 2007 has definitely been one of those first-of-twenty years.”topodinигра монстр хаи