October 2003: InterQoS Takes Over iqOnline

InterQoS announces its takeover of the assets of iqOnline, Inc., a leading data and network management company based in Knoxville, TN. This effectively puts iqOnline’s QoStar application hosting network under the management of InterQoS, and assigns its clients and services to InterQoS.

The QoStar Network is a multi-homed, multi-facility network which specializes in application hosting through the use of global load balancing, fail over redundancy, advanced firewalling, and server clustering technologies. It boasts of an enhanced performance structure that ensures speed, reliability and security.

InterQoS will continue to service iqOnline’s ISP customers and will continue to operate its Knoxville Hi-tech Bureau. It also assumes iqOnline’s partner relationships with Qwest Communications and Sprint. InterQoS intends to grow the QoStar network to focus on its Fortune 100 clientele.Хотите увеличить продажиbridal jewellery