January 2010: InterQoS Acquires the Exclusive Use of iqVoice’s Carrier Switching Platform

The start of 2010 marks the beginning of a new exclusive arrangement with Ingenious Systems Research, LLC, and its subsidiary iqVoice. Starting this year, InterQoS acquires the license to use iqVoice’s carrier switching platform.

This relationship was sought after an independent review of industry offerings comparing features, deployment scale, and cost of operation showed the iqVoice platform to be the best fit for InterQoS’s needs. InterQoS’s long-standing close relationship with ISR made the unexpected negotiation for exclusive licensing a natural outcome.

This move is in line with InterQoS’s stepping up of its technology upgrades, always working to stay ahead of competition. The company has always sought to distinguish itself through the quality of service it provides.

According to Steven Jackson of InterQoS, “We’ve worked with Ingenious Systems Research and iqVoice in the past. They are definitely a top-notch group. We have no doubts that they will be able to provide what our discerning clients have come to expect.”кисточкикатера и яхты форум