VoIP Telephony

InterQoS first ventured into the VoIP arena in 2002 through pioneering work in the fledgling distributed call center industry. Serving as the application host for an early platform developer, InterQoS cut its teeth on the extreme aspects of real-time audio encoding and streaming over the early Internet. A decade later this may seem to be a minor accomplishment, but the then-prevalent hostilities of an Internet driven by dial-up networking demanded creativity, determination, and engineering prowess far beyond today’s age of LAN-speed global connectivity.

When InterQoS absorbed long-time application hosting customer Alliance Solutions in 2008, an even deeper layer of experience was added to our portfolio. Alliance and its subsidiaries brought a strong foundation in mobile telephony and held an established wholesale VoIP business. Alliance proudly stands today as one of InterQoS’s primary ventures retaining most of its original names and marks as well as employees and board members. Visit http://alliancesolutions.biz.

Application Hosting and Cloud-Based Business Automation

InterQoS has been providing application hosting since the late 1990’s. The special considerations of fault-tolerant redundancy, advanced network performance, secured storage systems, globally distributed backup systems, load balancing, and global access are not afterthoughts here; they are the core competencies upon which we build everything else.

Well before the “cloud services” marketing craze, InterQoS began seeking out partnerships with companies like Alliance Solutions to leverage distributed hosted services with “re-branding”, “co-branding”, “white labeling”, and other condo and tenant software-as-a-service models.

System integration has always been and remains an important aspect of these services. To further support our clients, InterQoS manages a division of software engineers who specialize in the creation and incorporation of application programming interfaces as a third party service.

Master Agency Services

With such an extensive background in shared platforms, the development of aggregation and federation services was a natural evolution within InterQoS. Already providing increased value and improved access for companies in our shared software systems, the large vendor management experience of the QuantumComm division acquired with Alliance Solutions was quickly embraced to branch into cooperative buying arrangements for retailers consuming cloud services.

This use of cooperative vendor management is offered not only to independently-branded application hosting customers, but also to smaller entities and companies with other focuses still wishing access to synergistic revenue sources. These ancillary relationships are maintained through agency relationships such as our telephony agent program operating under the QuantumComm brand.

Data Center Services

InterQoS’s advanced data center management capabilities not only serve our world renowned clientele, but also underlie every other venture of the company. Born of the mini-computer age, InterQoS’s heavy-duty, globally-distributed, security-intensive network infrastructure designs have evolved through the PC server era to see the merger of Unix and PC platforms, then onward to the even more demanding architectures of “cloud computing” environments.

InterQoS offers a full scale of data center services ranging from third-party data center management down to simple shared-resource application hosting. Whatever the mix of requirements for physical infrastructure, network infrastructure, application-specific constraints, geographic disbursement, security, service levels, and cost, InterQoS can either provide ready-to-inhabit options or design, implement, and maintain fully-customized environments.

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